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of our on-air community with your own special voice message.

You can help add a personal touch to our rich Bible-based content. We air greetings from listeners all over the world.

See the instructions below.

Here’s a montage of greetings from around the world…

Send us an audio greeting: What do I say?

Say something to inspire or warmly welcome other radio listeners. A simple hello, or perhaps your favourite verse or a short insight to accompany your hello. At a minimum, include your first name and location. Following are some ideas and sample scripts to help get you started, but you are also welcome to be original.


To contribute, send us a brief recording of your personal responses to any of the following questions or similarly related topics.  If chosen, your recording will be used as a short track between our programmed content, chosen at random from our growing list of voice messages. All ages are welcome to participate! 

Our goal is to have the most inspiring and spiritually edifying radio stream possible!

See the links further below for recording and uploading your audio to for review and finalisation. 

It would help if you keep your comments brief (ideally between 10 and 45 secs).

NOTE: We reserve the right to edit your response to keep it timely.

God's Holy Days

Feel free to respond to any or all of the following questions. If suitable, your comments will  encourage a listener who is coming to learn about God’s holy days, and promote the benefit of keeping them.

The Church

Feel free to respond to any or all of the following questions. If suitable, your comments will introduce a listener to the value of attending a UCG service. Please note that references to other churches will be removed in the final production. Thanks for your positive comments!

The Bible

Feel free to respond to any or all of the following questions. If suitable, your comments will inspire the listener with the value of God’s Word, the Bible. 

1. Simple Greeting

“Hi I’m _____, (from the) / (pastor of) the UCG congregation in _____. 

Thanks for listening. Stay faithful, and keep growing.”

2. Bible Verse

“Hi I’m _____ from _____.

One of my favourite Bible passages is _____. It often comes to mind and helps me focus during the day, reminding me that God is control of my life. 

Wherever you are listening, I hope you find encouragement from the messages and readings here on UCG Radio.”

3. Inspiring

“My name is _____, from _____. 

Jesus said, ____. Over the years I have found great encouragement in these words. I hope you do too. 

Keep listening, and have a great day.”

4. About the Station

“Hi, I’m _____ from _____.

UCG streaming radio makes keeping in touch with God’s Word so enjoyable and easy. I listen in the car, while working around the house or yard. I hear Bible readings, Sermons, Bible classes, and so much more. I particularly enjoy ____.

It’s inspiring, educational, convenient and enjoyable! “


How to record and submit your voice message

There are many easy ways to record your message, using your phone or computer and sending it to us at Here’s just one way:

  1. Click on the button below to go to the free online voice recorder at and record your message by clicking on the shiny red button. (You may have to ‘allow” use of the microphone).
  2. Once recorded, you may play it back to check it or record again.
  3. When ready, use the dark grey envelope icon to send (email) the file to

Of course you are welcome to use any other method if you have access to a better way.

TIP! Try to minimise room noise by speaking closely to the microphone (while also taking care not not to blow into the mic as it causes distortion). Listen back to your message and when you are happy with it, send it to us!

When will my greeting be played?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to predict when a greeting will go to air, as it is chosen at random from the pool of greetings, but we can happily send you the finished audio file for your own interest. The best way to hear your message is to listen to UCG Radio!

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